[NoteBook] Whale Museums around Iceland

[NoteBook] Whale Museums around Iceland

[NoteBook] Whale Museums around Iceland

#Whales Of Iceland, Reykjavik

The museum Whales Of Iceland is located in the capital of the country, close to the harbour and the whale watching boats. If you are a whale lover too, it is absolutely a must-do. This is your chance to stand by 23 life-sized models of different whale species found in Icelandic waters, and see how big and beautiful they are. The Blue Whale, Sperm Whale, and North Atlantic Right Whale are waiting for you, in a beautiful underwater ambient lighting which will take you below the surface. Also, don’t forget to download the museum app on your phone to fully enjoy the visit. Whale Museums around Iceland

#Húsavík Whale Museum, Húsavík

The Húsavík Whale Museum is located in front of the whale watching boats, close by the ticket offices. There are many baleen and toothed whales skeletons, explanations, (stuffed) birds that you can find in Iceland, vintage maps, and also a short film. This museum is complementary to a whale watching tour, and you can usually get a discount if you keep your ticket after the trip! I highly recommend you to visit this museum to complete your knowledge about whales in general.

⚓︎ Whale museums in Iceland

Ahoy Sailors & Mermaids! I hope you liked my previous post about my whale watching tour, as today, I will tell you about 2 amazing whale museums around Iceland!

✈︎ Info

Museum : Whales Of Iceland
Date :
7th May 2017
Location : Reykjavik, Iceland


Museum : Húsavík Whale Museum
Date :
16th May 2017
Location : Húsavík, Iceland

Whale Museums around Iceland Whale Museums around Iceland 

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  • Anthony

    Whatever the conditions on land or under the surface, you know how to capture magnificently the atmosphere that reigns there…
    Congratulations on your photos, you’re an artist !

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