[NoteBook] Dolphin Watching in New Zealand

[NoteBook] Dolphin Watching in New Zealand

[NoteBook] Dolphin Watching in New Zealand

New Zealand is an absolute paradise for cetacean lovers, as almost half the world’s cetaceans can be spotted all around the country! 9 species of Dolphins – Māui (endemic), Hector’s (endemic), Dusky, Bottlenose, Common, Orcas, and Pilot Whales – can be found in New Zealand waters.

And today, I will share with you 2 amazing places where you can meet some of the species listed above.

Kaikoura, located in the South Island, is known as the Whale capital. It is of course renowned for it’s wildlife – Fur Seals, Blue Penguins and Albatrosses among others -but most of all for the thousands of Dusky Dolphins living in the area!

Whale Watch Kaikoura and Dolphin Encounter will take you at sea to meet these very special creatures on a 2 hours 1/2 trip departing from South Bay. The tours offered by the companies are a different experience so make sure to do the right choice for you, or if you love cetaceans as much as I do, why not try them both?

Whale Watch Kaikoura will try their best to show you some resident Sperm Whales, using their hydrophone. If you are lucky, you might even spot a Humpback or travelling Orcas! On the way you will also meet the Duskies jumping around the boat and enjoying the sun rays with you.

Dolphin Encounter is focused on Dolphins, and you will share the boat with the snorkelers which makes the experience really different! You will spend your entire time surrounded by the Duskies coming to play with the human-phins singing in their snorkels. If you are lucky again, you might even spot Hector’s Dolphins or Common Dolphins! A lot of fun garanteed for the family, and a lot of photo opportunities!

In the beautiful Banks Peninsula, Akaroa is the best destination to observe Hector’s Dolphins. You will find several companies offering tours that will take you to meet the dolphins, and my choice was to book with Black Cat Cruises. There is no word to describe the beauty of this piece of land that is Banks Peninsula. The remains of what used to be a volcano, whose heart is now filled with emerald waters, is where you will be spending your day watching the cute Hector’s Dolphins!

Keep your eyes wide open Sailors & Mermaids! The wildlife in New Zealand is incredible. You can spot a great variety of oceanic birds and penguins!

Sea you soon with a picture update! I will definitely go back at sea to get more pictures!

⚓︎ Dolphin Watching in New Zealand

Ahoy Sailors & Mermaids! After a fresh swim with the dolphins, it is now time to talk about Dolphin Watching, which is a very popular activity in New Zealand. Let’s talk a little bit more about these fabulous creatures…

✎ Sightings

Dusky Dolphins
Hector’s Dolphins

✈︎ Info

Date : September – December 2019
Location : Kaikoura, NZ


Date : 11 December 2019
Location : Akaroa, NZ

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