[Logbook] Diving Weekend at L’Estartit – Catalonia – Spain

[Logbook] Diving Weekend at L’Estartit – Catalonia – Spain

[Logbook] Diving Weekend at L’Estartit – Catalonia – Spain

Ahoy Sailors & Mermaids! After exploring Corsica and it’s cool waters, I decided to invest in a GoPro to immortalize my future (and many, I hope) dives; and it’s 1st one will be at l’Estartit, in Spain!

This weekend, my diving club and I are leaving at dawn, to the Coasta Brava, and more precisely to the seaside resort l’Estartit, reknown for its beautiful marine reserve and the Medes Islands. I’ve been told about schools of Barracudas, giant Dusky Groupers, and a lot of fishes in general. How exciting!!
On the bus with my fabulous (but right now sleepy) COSSian team, having a nap and then a Chocolatine (Pain au Chocolat for northern people) during the break is more than welcome.
And yes, because we all are a little bit nuts, after an alarm clock at 5:00am, and more than 4 hours on the road, we are boarding for the 1st dive in the morning!

It’s the beginning of May, the sea is quite rough, and I can feel sea sickness coming as I’m waiting to jump off the boat in the cool water… But I’m so ready for this, so let’s dive!

#Negre Del Falaguer, Mediterranean Sea

Temperature: 13/14°
Sightings: Common Octopus, Red Scorpionfish, Common Ormer, Red Starfish with 6 arms, Black Sea Urchin, Berry Wart Cress following the waves movement… And the usuals: Sargo, Common Two-Banded Sea Bream, Salema Porgy…
Notes: Water is really cold and I can feel it on my face! Fortunately, I also invested in some scuba gear: A short sleeve rashguard, a 7mm wetsuit, 2,5mm socks and 3mm gloves, perfect to protect my body from the cold.

#Salpatxot, Mediterranean Sea

Temperature: 14°
Sightings: Juvenile Dusky Grouper, Gilthead Sea Bream, Black Sea Urchin, Red Starfish, Tubular Sea Cucumber… Plus, a lot of  Violescent Sea-Whips, Sponges…
Notes: I am still waiting for the legendary Dusky Groupers, but I guess they found shelter to avoid the bad weather and rough sea! Maybe tomorrow?

#Salpatxot, Mediterranean Sea

Temperature: 14/15°
Sightings: Venus Girdle, Yellow Black-Faced Blenny, Peacock Wrasse, Comber…
Notes: I had a bit of a scare after jumping into the water when I saw, only a few meters away, this Venus Girdle (watch the video below!) swimming up to the surface. Being the last one to jump always comes up with unexpected surprises (yes, yes, and yes again)! On the other hand, Dusky Groupers are still hiding, same with Barracudas. Next time for sure!

Here is my very 1st video guys. (It’s going to be a bit shaky, sorry!)

This is the end of this logbook at l’Estartit! If you liked it please feel free to let me know in a comment! Sea you soon for more bubbles!

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