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[NoteBook] Dolphin Watching in New Zealand

New Zealand is an absolute paradise for cetacean lovers, as almost half the world's cetaceans can be spotted all around the country! 9 species of Dolphins - Māui (endemic), Hector's (endemic), Dusky, Bottlenose, Common, Orcas, and Pilot Whales - can be found in New Zealand waters. And today, I will share with you 2 amazing places [...]
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[NoteBook] Whale Watching from Six-Fours – France

The geography of France is really interesting as our country has 2 coastlines: On the West coast, the powerful and beautiful Atlantic Ocean, offers gorgeous surfing spots around the Basque Coast. In the South East, the Mediterranean Sea and it’s colourful diving spots, is also home to several marine mammals such as Fin Whales, Sperm [...]
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[NoteBook] Whale Conservation Project – Azores

So what is this project about exactly? And what did we do? The program, depending on the forecast, was: Going at sea in the morning with my 7 project companions and the owners of the whale watching and diving shop (both marine biologists), clean the boat, and have a lecture about whales in the afternoon, [...]
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