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[NoteBook] Whaling Museums in The Azores

#Fábrica da Baleia, Horta, Faial Island The "Fábrica da Baleia", also called the Porto Pim Whaling Station, is based on the beach of Porto Pim, a strategic location for whalers. After the worldwide decline of the whaling industry in 1974, the factory will finally close its doors. The Government of the Azores acquired the station in [...]
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[NoteBook] Whale Conservation Project – Azores

So what is this project about exactly? And what did we do? The program, depending on the forecast, was: Going at sea in the morning with my 7 project companions and the owners of the whale watching and diving shop (both marine biologists), clean the boat, and have a lecture about whales in the afternoon, [...]
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[NoteBook] Whale Watching from Húsavík – Iceland

I finally arrived in Húsavík, a very small town on the northern coast of the country. Today the weather is changing from blue to gray. Fog is getting closer, and is already hiding some parts of land, cliffs, and the lighthouse. … As the sea conditions are fine to go at sea, here I am, […]

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