[LogBook] Porquerolles & Port-Cros – France

[LogBook] Porquerolles & Port-Cros – France

[LogBook] Porquerolles & Port-Cros – France

Ahoy Sailors & Mermaids! This week, I am taking you to dive on the top 3 diving spots around the « Golden Islands » (Porquerolles, Port-Cros, Le Levant), which are located in a marine reserve but also in the Pelagos sanctuary.
Are you looking for huge Groupers and Fan Mussels? Great, you’re in the right place! Are you ready? Let’s Dive!

#Le Cimentier, Mediterranean Sea

Oh, a video!

Temperature (at 15 meters): 25/26°
Sightings: Common Octopus, Fan Mussel, Tubular Sea Cucumber, Bucchich’s Goby, Black Sea Urchin, Red Starfish… And above all, « Le Cimentier » (the wreck’s name)!
Notes: At only 16m deep, a blue sky and a 27° water (at the surface), I would say that the diving conditions are at their best! Visibility is good and we can also get in the small wreck! Not a lot of fish on this spot though… 

#Cap des Mèdes, Mediterranean Sea


Porquerolles - Port-Cros - France

Oh, a video!

Temperature (at 20 meters): 25°
Sightings: Common Octopus, Red Starfish, Mediterranean Moray, juvenile Damselfish, Red Mullet & Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse (female), Dotted Sea Slug, Dusky Grouper, Hervia, Tricolor Doris, small Fan Mussel…
Notes: A lot of small animals here, some of them really tiny and fragile, so adjust your buoyancy and keep your eyes open to spot and admire their pretty shapes and colours!

#La Gabinière, Mediterranean Sea

Oh, a video!

Temperature (at 20 meters): 25°
Sightings: Sargo, Two-Banded Sea Bream, Dusky Grouper (many, MANY of them!), Common Dentex, Swallowtail Sea Perch…
Notes: Water is slightly cloudy because of the currents, but definitely a GREAT spot, with an important population of Dusky Groupers, whose size can be really impressive. A must sea! I recommend you the diving center Mio Palmo, based on the harbour of Hyères, with which I have been diving the entire summer. The boat ride is a little bit longer (but hey, boat rides are always nice!), but the rates are way more interesting than the ones you will find on Porquerolles Island.

A lot of treasures lies on the sea floor of the coast, such as authentic amphoras around Giens peninsula! Olbia underwater trail and the one around Port-Cros will help you to discover the surrounding marine life. And of course, amazing wrecks for those who can deep dive (leaflets about the diving spots of the area are available in the Tourism Office of Hyères or to the Information Desk of Porquerolles.

That’s it for today guys! I hope that even with the wrong settings choice for my GoPro these short videos convinced you to come and try scuba diving around Porquerolles.

This is the end of this logbook at Porquerolles & Port-Cros! If you liked it please feel free to let me know in a comment! Sea you soon for more bubbles!

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