[LogBook] Diving trip around Malta & Gozo

[LogBook] Diving trip around Malta & Gozo

[LogBook] Diving trip around Malta & Gozo

Ahoy Sailors & Mermaids! September is definitely the best month to go on a diving trip, and the perfect destination for that is… Malta and Gozo! You will discover 3 diving spots around both of the islands, with this time, the right settings on my GoPro. Promise!
Are you ready for sea, sun and suits? Let’s dive!

#HMS Maori, Malta, Mediterranean Sea

Oh, a video!

Temperature (at 15 meters): 24°
Sightings: Sea Horse, Wide-Eyed Flounder, Hervia, many Bearded Fireworm, Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse, Sargo, Two-Banded Sea Bream, small Scorpionfish, juvenile Dusky Grouper… and of course, the HMS Maori wreck, and a car!
Notes: This wreck located in the capital’s harbour of Malta, La Valette, is absolutely gorgeous and hides a lot of small creatures! Water is warm at the end of the summer, with an emerald green colour, but a bit cloudy (keeping an eye on your buddies is a good idea!).
I also recommend Watercolours Dive Center, based in front of the sea, and the swimming pools. The team is great! Thank you again to the dive center and its team!

#Ras Il-Hobz, Gozo, Mediterranean Sea

Oh, a video!

Temperature (at 20 meters): 23/24°
Sightings: Common Octopus, Carangue (?), Parrot Fish, Damselfish, Mediterranean Cardinalfish, Sargo, Two-Banded Sea Bream, Violet sea urchin, small Scorpionfish, Smooth Calcareous Tube-Worms…
Notes: The diving center took us to the south of Gozo island with a 4WD through small and steep roads, to find shelter from the currents and winds. No beach dive here since the island has only a few beaches. Instead a few steps on a the limestone plateau will be necessary to get to the water. Here, no facilities, or homes, nothing else than nature! ! The diving spot itself is nice but not very interesting…

#Blue Hole, Gozo, Mediterranean Sea

Oh, a video!

Temperature (at 20 meters): 23/24°
Sightings: School of Damselfish and Bogue, Salema Porgy, Gilthead Sea Bream, Comber, Ornate Wrasse, Mediterranean Parrotfish (male & female), Blue-Barred Parrotfish, Two-Banded Sea Bream…
Notes: The Blue Hole is a 10m deep chasm, just down the island cliffs! It’s definitely the diving spot not-to-miss! The access to the sea though is quite sporty: A long walk on the rocks, stairs, cracks to avoid, without mentioning the sea urchins! Then you just have to jump as far as possible from the cliff edge.
This diving spot is just wonderful! The Damselfish schools and the deep blue sea are making me dream eyes wide open. We can see what is left form the famous Azur Window (that collapsed last year during a bad storm), and according to the size of the pieces, I can guess it was impressive to see it from underwater.
Getting out of the water is way worse than getting in! For that we had to hold on to the edge of the cliff as the DM was taking our fins off our feet, climb on the cliff while holding our fins, as the water from the chasm is pushing you up and pulling you down! Once you manage to get out, waves start to make you roll on the corals and Sea Urchins, while the others are trying to get out of the chasm. This was honestly the hardest thing I experienced during my dives and a full suit, boots and gloves are really necessary to survive this!

This is the end of this logbook at Malta & Gozo! If you liked it please feel free to let me know in a comment! Sea you soon for more bubbles!

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Comments ( 5 )

  • momo dede

    merci Stéphanie pour tes photos et videos de plongée .Bon anniversaire pour le 27-08 .gros bisous ,momo dédé

  • Nathou

    Nous avons bien regardé avec Maxence et claudine tes photos et vidéos. Finalement il y a du monde sous l’eau ! ….et après réflexion, nous préférons être sur un bateau ! et observer si un requin !!!!n’est pas….derrière toi….

  • Julie

    Super souvenirs avec toi copine !!! <3 Même si les maltais ont quand même un sacré caractère (spéciale dedicasse à la conductrice de bus xD).
    Gros bisous

    • Stéphanie

      Ouiiiiii !!
      On s’en souviendra longtemps de cette conductrice ! On aurait du en prendre de la graine pour savoir comment se sortir des embouteillages dans Toulouse HAHA !!
      Plein de bisous <3

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